Making good behaviour FUN!

Providing positive dog and puppy training in Central and West Auckland

Is your pup a master of mischief?

Imagine a life where walks are leisurely strolls and not tug-of-wars, where your dog listens when you call them, and where you and your pup are speaking the same language!

At Bark Dog Training, we speak fluent ‘woof’ and ‘arf’ and can teach you how to as well! We use fun, science-based, positive reinforcement techniques to help your dog become the best they can be. From sit-and-stay basics for your spry puppies to advanced skills and manners for adult canines, we’ll customise a programme that’ll make your pup’s tail wag and make you smile!

How can we help Central and West Auckland dog owners?

Dog training

Is your adult dog lacking in the manners department or maybe everything is a little too exciting for them? We’re here to help you meet your training goals and your dog’s needs, so your life together can be a little more harmonious!

Puppy training

Are puppy biting, sleepless nights, and house training accidents leaving you wondering what you got yourself into? We promise it’s all worth it- we’ll help you learn how to survive puppyhood like a pro while building a lasting bond with your puppy!

Group classes

Looking for a fun and engaging class where you and your dog can learn to work together in any environment? Join us for our group classes and workshops along with other dedicated dog parents and their canine family members to learn some great new skills!

Training philosophy

At Bark Dog Training, we believe that dog training should be a joyful and enriching experience—not just for your four-legged family member but for you, their owner, as well.

Positive reinforcement is the heartbeat of our training methodology. Using this approach, we reward desired behaviours, making it fun and motivating for your dog to learn. Instead of focusing on what your dog is doing wrong, we highlight what they’re doing right! When your dog understands that certain behaviours bring treats, affection, or playtime, they’re naturally encouraged to repeat those behaviours.

What our clients say

“Would highly recommend!! Sarah was so amazing with my new puppy and as a new fur parent I felt so at ease! Sarah really took the time to introduce well thought out games and practices to help the development of Emmi’s learning. Not only did Sarah come to my own home , she also gave notes at the end of every session and support with any questions I had, so the whole process was the best!”



Are you ready to make good behaviour FUN?

 Let’s embark on a journey of fun, science-based training that will make tails wag and smiles bloom. Start your personalized program now for a happier, well-behaved pup!”