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Providing positive dog and puppy training in Central and West Auckland

It’s okay for your dog to act like a dog

From digging and chewing to jumping up to greet you, certain behaviours are perfectly natural in the canine world, even if they might be a little frustrating for us humans. At Bark Dog Training, we understand the dichotomy and are here to help. Our science-based, positive training methods are designed to channel your dog’s natural instincts into behaviours that are both rewarding for them and acceptable to you. So yes, it’s absolutely okay for your dog to act like a dog; we’re just here to help them do it in a way that complements your lifestyle.

What we can help with

We can work on a number of behaviours and skills, not limited to:

  • Leash skills
  • Fear related behaviours
  • Jumping/polite greetings
  • Recall
  • Resource guarding
  • Noise sensitivity
  • Excessive barking
  • Handling/grooming
  • Dog fitness
  • Enrichment activities
  • And more!

Our Training Options

Initial consultation

All of our training programs begin with a required initial consultation, where we’ll learn more about your dog, their struggles, and your training goals! We’ll begin with a 30 minute chat about your dog’s behaviour and your goals via phone, zoom or coffee conversation and follow it with a 1 hour training and assessment session.

Investment: $165

Private training packages

*Sessions can be scheduled weekly, fortnightly or monthly

Looking for a front row seat to your pup’s training? Our 50 minute private training sessions are conducted one-on-one with you and your dog at your home. These sessions allow us to tailor the curriculum to address your dog’s specific needs and challenges, while also giving you an active role in training your dog. Whether it’s basic manners, advanced skills, or behaviour modification, we’ve got you covered.

1 x 50 minute session
Investment : $110

5 x 50 minute sessions
Investment : $475

8 x 50 minute sessions
Investment : $735

Day training top-up packages

*For clients who’ve completed private training with us

We offer daytime training top-up sessions, enrichment walks, and fitness sessions for your dog while you’re at work or getting other things done! This service is for current and past clients only.

Inquire For More Information

How does training work?

Contact us! We’ll schedule your initial consultation and recommend a training package


We’ll work with you to train your puppy using positive reinforcement methods


You enjoy your well trained puppy and your strengthened bond for years to come!


Let’s teach your good dog to be great!